When I moved to New England 20 years ago at the end of ...
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When I moved to New England 20 years ago at the end of October, I was surprised when everyone decorated their house, starting with Halloween. I thought the decorations, especially the Holiday ones, were beautiful. But why on earth are Americans so passionate about decorating? French people decorate for the holidays, but not like that. Sure, Paris is lit up during Christmas, but in the rest of the country the decorations are flimsy compared to the suburbs of New England.These decorations provided me solace from the rough New England climate. The Nor'Easter snow storms, the frigid February air, and the dirty “March Melt” all hammered against the region, but I could always see some festive decorations standing strong in front of the cold. It gave me the courage I needed to push through my first New England winter. This experience showed me that the decorations served a purpose beyond beauty and celebration. I gleefully embraced these traditions and I love adorning my house with decorations every year.

Title: Getting Ready for Winter
Year: 2022
Size: 12x12
Media: Oil paint on Canvas Panel
Original SOLD
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