I have never been to Australia, but I have always been fascinated by ...
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I have never been to Australia, but I have always been fascinated by the continent's landscape. During my pursuit of a bachelor's degree in geology, I discovered that it is an exceptionally old continent. Years of erosion and minimal tectonic activity have resulted in flattened mountains and exposed bedrock. This gives rise to desolate landscapes where change is virtually absent for hundreds of miles. However, Australia itself is a relatively young nation, bursting with vitality. This stark contrast with Europe is remarkable. European countries possess ancient cultures while simultaneously having youthful geology that remains uneroded; mountains continue to grow, and bedrock remains concealed.I like to think that this opposition between old and new creates conflicts that are a key part of my artistic journey. I see it everywhere I go, and I like to depict it in my paintings. Though I have yet to set foot on Australian soil, I can envision the ancient, windswept plains untouched by millennia of western civilizations. I observe how the Australian people have not completely conquered their vast continent, and I hope it remains that way, at least for a little longer.

Title: Australia
Year: 2022
Size: 8x10
Media: Oil paint on Canvas Panel
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