I created this still life by assembling objects I had been keeping in ...
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I created this still life by assembling objects I had been keeping in the hope of including them in a painting someday. The Ficus Bonsai tree was gifted to my daughter by one of her best friends. At that time, my daughter was living with roommates and preparing to move to Washington DC. I kindly offered to babysit the bonsai, hoping she would forget about it. I adored every aspect of it—the twisted shape of the small trunk, the lushness of the leaves, and the delicate blue tin container. When she eventually relocated, I kindly suggested that the bonsai would be happier in my living room until she settled more permanently. How generous of me!The white crochet doily holds more nostalgia. It was handcrafted by my late mother-in-law, and I retrieved her entire collection after she passed away. She possessed great talent, and her doilies were simply amazing. They serve as beautiful memories of her and her native country, Romania. I take pleasure in displaying them in my living room, as they provide a sense of history that I deeply appreciate.As for the background, I drew inspiration from burlap fabric on which I painted the fleur de lis—a nod to my French upbringing in the Loire Valley.Lastly, there is no specific story for the apple, but my son said it tasted great!

Title: A Family Story of Keepsakes
Year: 2022
Size: 9x12
Media: Oil paint on Canvas Panel
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