This series was inspired by the intersection of several important parts of my ...
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This series was inspired by the intersection of several important parts of my life: my niece (a barista in Australia), Dunkin Donuts, and "troquets" in Paris. The story starts with my niece Albane. She went to Australia, the Mecca for coffee, and became a barista. Albane took beautiful pictures of her barista creations, and I was inspired to paint them. They would become the focal motifs.

The conversation between these motifs and the background brought the story to the US through Dunkin Donuts, the local coffee hangout in Shrewsbury. When I go and buy my coffee there, I observe the daily routines of everyone in the community. We cross paths and exchange greetings, from the old men who sit and discuss town politics, to the construction workers, students, stay-at-home moms, and homeless people, to whom something will be given to eat or drink. There is a sense of belonging; everyone is part of the community, including me. This is also the perfect definition of a French "troquet".

The story finishes its trip around the earth in various famous Parisian troquets - the names written at the bottom of each piece - but the conversation still keeps going because that's what you do in cafes. You talk! These paintings attest to the inherent connectedness of humanity starting in Australia at a barrista shop, traveling to Shrewsbury's Dunkin Donuts, and finishing in a Parisian cafe. The stamps witness to the trip!!

Title: Coffee & a Trip Back in Time to Cafe de Flore
Year: 2014
Size: 9x12
Media: Collage and Oil Paint on Jute Canvas
Original SOLD
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