So many wonderful memories flood my mind as I gaze at this plein ...
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So many wonderful memories flood my mind as I gaze at this plein air painting I created in Marblehead, MA during my multiple painting sessions.

Our day would begin early in the morning, a strategic choice to avoid the notorious traffic jams of a Boston summer. Instead of the mundane highways, we meandered along the picturesque, slower-paced roads. While this choice extended our journey, the scenic route was truly a delight.

Upon arriving at our destination, we indulged in some well-deserved treats at a charming coffee shop nestled in the heart of Marblehead, known for its tempting, indulgent pastries. The mere thought of them makes my mouth water.

After satisfying our cravings, it was time to set up my painting gear and locate the perfect spot to capture the essence of the scene. I typically spent just over two hours on a painting, as the shifting interplay of light and shadow made it challenging to extend the duration.

During these painting sessions, my husband would occupy himself with his journal, often sitting on the bench depicted in the painting.

Ultimately, when my work was completed, we'd begin our journey back home, filled with the satisfaction of a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Title: Painting Adventures in Marblehead, MA
Year: 2023
Size: 12x16
Media: Oil paint on Canvas Panel
Original Available
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