When I lived in Paris, I would sew all the time - I ...
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When I lived in Paris, I would sew all the time - I made curtains, pillows, my entire wardrobe, and much more. Now, even if I don’t sew as much anymore, I’ve kept a close eye on fashion: I love reading my Vogue magazine, and it actually really helps me with my paintings too!!!

One day I was happily perusing through my December 2014 edition, when I was struck by this one picture. The busy, luxurious, and warm background was screaming: COLLAGE!

And the voluminous, icy white, and blue clothing of the two models were screaming: PAINT ME AS A BOUQUET! (yes, I promise that’s what they were screaming at me!)

I was so afraid the idea would fly away, I ripped the page out, scannedit, and sent it to my friend and florist-extraordinaire, Isabelle,begging her to represent the two central characters in a bouquet.The only thing I asked her to do? “Keep the colors!”

Now that my painting is finished, the bouquet and collage are happilyengaged in conversation. I imagine the cool, bright bouquettalking to the rich background, trying to find the best fabric amongthousands to make Cinderella’s dress. In the same manner, I used tospend hours in Parisian fabric stores (conversing with myself!)trying to find the best fabrics for my own designs… although thesleek lines of My Fair Lady inspired me more than Cinderella’stulle dress!

What is the conversation you hear between the bouquet and background?

Title: Forever After
Year: 2015
Size: 16x20
Media: Collage and Oil paint on Canvas
Original SOLD
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