This is part of a whole series of paintings that I call the ...
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This is part of a whole series of paintings that I call the “2020 pandemie” series. That summer, I was supposed to be in France spending time with my parents, but sadly traveling was not an option because of the virus.

Instead, my spouse and I decided to take a day trip every weekend, and make that our “vacation.” It gave me a strange sense of deja vu: when we first moved to the USA in 2001, we tried exploring this new corner of the world called New England. Every part was new and wonderful and so different from France - for the first couple of years, we went on day trips every weekend with the kids. Twenty years later, we’ve grown our roots, stored away the day-trip-suitcases, and made friends!

Going back to those day-trip days reminded me of my first impressions when we first visited all those years ago, and I noticed how much we have changed. But I have to admit, the best part was getting some great conversation starters for our 3 hour car rides!

Title: Essex Reflection
Year: 2020
Size: 9x12
Media: Oil paint on Canvas
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