In March of 2020, I was happily teaching art to a group of ...
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.In March of 2020, I was happily teaching art to a group of wonderful and talented students and had all these lessons planned when suddenly the entire world changed in the span of a week and I found myself having to teach art classes online and becoming a Zoom master (not to be mistaken with a Zen master).

It was harder than I expected! And, I am sure many of you are cringing (or smiling) with similar memories! It took me a few weeks (ok, maybe it was months) to find a good formula but, in the end, this soul searching in teaching art led me to some new discoveries. Instead of coaching my students through ambitious projects, I went back to the basics. It was a perfect opportunity to revisit loads of important techniques and concepts, and I am mostly happy that my students learned from them and liked them!

Title: Pears Style Life
Year: 2020
Size: 9x12
Media: Oil paint on Canvas
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