Green, green green. Green used to be my favorite color before I became ...
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Green, green green. Green used to be my favorite color before I became an artist. Then as I developed my artistic career, I learned more about colors during my training as a docent and from taking professional painting classes. I became fascinated with the origins of pigments, the cultural meanings of colors, color theory, etc...

Unfortunately for green, I started loving all of the colors. I learned to love each one, even purple, which was my least favorite of all. (I hated grey too!) But now, I love them all! And unfortunately for green, again, I found out how annoying it was to love.

Green is difficult and rebellious. It’s such a complex color - either it’s too yellow, too blue, too dull. I have learned that when you see well-painted greenery, it’s because it’s the perfect blend of all these different hues. That makes it the hardest color to paint because you need to understand each characteristic of each green, and then make them work together. It’s quite the undertaking!

Me and green are now in a complicated relationship - I hope you’ll like this painting, which was yet another attempt to tame this rebellious, I mean… gorgeous color.

Title: On the Path to the Lake
Year: 2020
Size: 8x10
Media: Oil paint on Canvas
Original SOLD
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