Although I am a big fan of plein air painting, I have to ...
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Although I am a big fan of plein air painting, I have to admit that it is not my cup of tea. Painting outside has so many moving parts, too much preparation, and I just don’t have the will to do it. There are also two major problems with New England weather: it’s either too cold or too hot! Instead, I love to paint from the comfort of my home studio where it is easy to set up a new painting and listen to whatever TV or podcast I am in the mood for.

Unfortunately, painting from a picture means I lose a lot of information about the colors of a landscape. In the winter, there are very particular, special colors created by the light of the season. No matter how professional the camera, it is very hard to capture these. But… let’s be honest, I was still not going to paint outside so I did use a picture! It took me a while to get colors I was happy with, but at least I was warm and cozy inside my home!

Title: The Air is so Crisp in New England in the Winter
Year: 2021
Size: 16x20
Media: Oil paint on Canvas
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